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Apr. 16th, 2007


in an effort to stamp out the creepy people reading my journal (and that does not include my family and friends), i'm starting YET ANOTHER one...

email me for the link, i will be MORE than happy to give it to you!!!!!  jls91086@yahoo.com

Thanks guys!


Apr. 13th, 2007

wanna giggle?

go to google.com,  go to maps, get directions from New York, NY, to Paris,  France.  Pay close attention to the 23rd line

update and pictures

here's some pictures from march...there's 16 of them and i don't feel like putting them behind a cut, so you'll have to deal with it and just marvel and my photographic genius in silence...j/k...well not kidding about not doing a cut....

K...the first few pics were taken at the beginning of March

who me??



maybe i'm too big for this ride?

whee!! but not this one

sun god :-P

lookin out...


where's my teeth??

the following pictures were taken about 5 days later....can you believe?????

we don't like snow...can you tell?

the beginning stages of a snow man

getting bigger

oh man..this is heavy

almost done!!

yay!! all done!!

yay...happy boys and happy snow man...wearing my hat...
oh man

i'm at the dojo

the phone just rang

and i totally answered with "Safeguard/Paperwork products"

and they totally hung up...oh man i'm a spatula


So  i know i don't often come in here and complain...not  because i don't want to...but because i'm a generally happy person with not much to complain about...


yes yes i know...work is called 'work' for a reason and should by no means be enjoyable, which is why i never call the hours i spend at the dojo 'work' because i do indeed enjoy it....




i know i've only been there 6 months and it doesn't sound like a long time, but it feels like an eternity....

I used to really like working there....everyone (with the exception of pat, but he's already come right out and said that he 'knows everyone in the office thinks' he is 'an asshole' and he 'really doesn't give a shit'  (his words NOT mine...i think swearing makes you sound extremely unintelligent and definetly not very professional) and personally i think that's a pretty bad perception of life and will certianly not get him anywhere)   is (was) very nice, and there's only 7 of us working there, so there's a necesity for all to get along (with the exception of pat).  Anyway... All was fine and dandy for some time, granted the first month or so i think Mary (the office manager) had an issue with me being there, and she often got nasty with me.... but that faded over time

The last week, actually since like...wednesday, i keep hearing dawn and mary whispering together, and i know they're talking about me (don't think i'm paranoid...i have good reasoning for believing this, mostly because everytime i walk near them they stop talking and change the subject).  Also, they've been very cold to me, mary more so than dawn- dawn apparently has more professionalism than mary.  Mary has been seriously driving me crazy.  She was down right nasty to me all day on thursday and friday, i was in tears on the way to work on friday morning cause i was just dreading going there...this morning i was just ticked driving in....anyway...today was no better...she questioned EVERYTHING i did...accused me of lying...ME...of LYING...to which i replied that i had nothing to lie about...i mean come on...you get yourself in more trouble when you lie (i learned that the hard way when i was a kid)...and she was just cold and distant....and GOD it just PISSED me off to no end...not so much the coldness, but the nastyness, sarcasm, and assumptions that she made....it just DROVE ME CRAZY!!!  i decided today that i am  no longer eating lunch in the office...if they're gonna be nasty to me while i'm there before lunch...then i'm not gonna sit there...try to eat my lunch while they ask me questions and expect me to answer the phones...sorry...i go to work for 8.5 hours a day and only get paid for 8 hours...i'm taking my damn half hour to myself............so today i started eating lunch in my car....i know that sounds pitiful..but it was really nice...it was beautiful outside...i could read and eat in peace while listening to music that i actually like to listen too...and it's beneficial for dawn and mary because they get a full half hour to talk about me!


it's all really frustrating me...it's like being back in high school....it absolutly baffles me that i have more respect, maturity and professionalism than these women that are 3 times my age...it's really pitiful and sickening that these people are supposed to be my role models

it just sucks to go from being on a friendly basis to all of a sudden being treated like a wart or something...what did i do in the course of two days to cause this?  i don't really know...i don't think i did anything...but apparently i did

i can't talk to joe (the owner) about it...unless it goes too far...because it'll only make things worse for myself i think....but i don't know

like i said to pete...i went from believing this was the dream job to dreading going there everyday

i decided today that i'm not going to stay there once i get my degree...they're really not worth my time...so once i finish school...i'm outta there...the only thing that's really holding me back was the fact that i told joe when he interviewed me that i wouldn't flake out on him in a few years (he was worried that because i was planning on going back to school that i would quit sooner than he wanted), and i certainly have nothing against joe, and am still grateful for the oppurtunity...but...at the same time....i'm almost 21 years old and i feel like i'm being hazed for a sorority or something...and i'm miserable while i'm there, and i'm sure when i get home too....so my mental health at this point is more important than my guilty conscience...

i dunno what to do.....

i really enjoy caramel kisses...they are very tasty

on the other hand

snow freakin sucks!!!!

ugh...i almost died like 4 times on the way to work...all the while thinking...is it really worth risking my life to get to work every freakin day?  probably not...but then i do have my family to think about......granted my money wouldn't be worth a damn if i was dead...it's a catch-22...you figure it out.....

so in the excitement and preparation for my black belt demo i slightly forgot about the tournament that's coming up in like a week in a half...sigh...i always seem to be preparing for something martial arts related....

ah well

my weapons form is all set cause i'm just using one of the forms from my demonstration, my bo form, which i worked on quite a bit, so it looks pretty good...well...i don't know if it does...it might look like garbage for all i know...but it feels comfortable...

i'm doing a traditional form for open hand forms...so that's pretty simple...not much room for error.... i always feel more comfortable doing forms that are already made up for me than forms that i've made up myself....don't know why...but i do........

pete and i have once again started an exercise regiment...whether that'll last...is beyond me...we did some lifting last night and some sit ups and junk....we decided that we really need to work abs everyday cause we're just a bunch of fatties :-P

have i said yet that i really hate the snow?

oh well...supposed to be nice from this weekend on...which will be good...... 

we were finally able to take the boys outside this weekend...it was beautiful out on saturday....so we got home...ate lunch...showered...cleaned a bit...took the kids outside...and the nice weather went away and it was freakin cold out!! omg...so not nice.... not only that but the wind was gusting at like 200mph...it was crazy...

but the kids had fun...evy was too cute...peter went across the street to play with a kid from his class who's grandparents live on the street (he comes every now and again to visit them)...so evy was just kind of running around and doing his own little thing (he's not allowed to go in the street, much less cross it), playing with leaves and running around....he came up to us and said in his cute little 4 year old voice "daddy...i've got some bad news"  and of course we asked what it was "no one wants to play with me" and then he did this like...pouty lip thing...  i have it on video, i'll have to post the video so you can see...it was cute, funny and sad at the same time.... 

eventually he was able to go play with the other kids, until he fell and got mud all over him...and that was the end of the world right there...he wasn't hurt at all...the dirt was just...too much for him...needless to say i took him upstairs and got him cleaned up and he went down for a much much needed nap....

we had some tasty dino nuggets for dinner that night (dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets) and the kids went to bed, and a couple hours later brian and melissa came over to hang out...and they left around 1:30ish...so we watched some TV and went to bed...only to be woken at 7am...i don't get why kids sleep later during the week than they do on the weekend...it's insane...after they were picked up we had breakfast and fell asleep for a bit longer...and then went to the dojo to work out for a bit...and went to paradise pizza for some lunch/dinner...mmmmmm so good...we had fried mozzerella and pizza and desert...yum....

then we went to walmart and got some stuff....the thing that was most exciting for me was the new hampers we got with wheels on the bottom...OH MAN...SOOOOOOOO COOL....of course the first thing i thought of was putting the kids in them and pushing them around...haha...we did that later that night...and pete was most excited about the new garbage can we got for outside (so weird....)...

oh and we got a dvd player (it was $25...SWEET) for our room, we have a tv in there...but it's quite useless as we don't have cable...so we got a dvd player...and it's very nice...now we can snuggle on the couch and watch tv and then we can go to bed when we're tired and snuggle and watch tv....i'm sure that sounds quite petty to most...but it is very nice :-D

i had a dream with professor snape in it the other night

someone at work went to Pepe's today for lunch (There's a pepe's in fairfield now apparently) and brought the extra back and i had a piece..it had bacon and onions on it....i don't mind onions...but it was a bit too much...i ended going to the bathrrom and seriously scrubbing my hands and face and brushing my teeth...my hands still smell.......

and the caramel kisses are going to be the death of me..........................

not much else has been going on really...peter got to dress up as harry potter at school last friday, they were having a reading celebration and they had to dress as their fav. book character....he picked Junie B. Jones first...but his father convinced him to pick a male character :-P

so we found a stick...made some glasses...i used eyeliner to make a scar...and presto....harry potter...



i don't know

i suppose that's all for now..............

Mar. 1st, 2007

it's a flip flop day today!! yay!!

frank says baaaaaaaaa

that's what it says on the LJ home page

so silly

so i did indeed get my black belt

once i get the video edited i can make a copy for anyone who wants one...just let me know!  it's not a big deal to do it :-D


i got a sword with my black belt...that's pretty sweet...  pete carved out the character for scorpion on the blade, and i've been putting characters going down the scabbard with a silver permanent marker...i'll post pics when it's all done...

not much is happenin.....evy has had an ear infection for the past few days...though i suppose its mostly done now...he's been on meds for a few days so he's been happy and perky like always...other than when he was really sick

work is going ok i guess...its work...work is work....i left early yesterday to go be with evy and i got a guilt trip the SECOND someone came in today (because I was ON TIME for work...unlike anyone else...........),  "oh you picked a bad day to leave early....the phones were ringing non-stop..."  WHEN ARE THE FREAKIN PHONES NOT  RINGING NON-STOP????????  The only difference is is that i wasn't there to answer it...

but i didn't complain on monday because last week i couldn't take a lunch break for two days in a row cause so many people were NOT in the office...but i held my tongue....i figured it wasn't really a big deal....but then I leave 2.5 hours early and i get my head handed to me.... so not right...but WHATEVER  not a big deal....i've got bigger things to worry about...like...the price of rice in china of course!!!

pat (at work) informed me the other day that in 20 years there would be no japanese civilization



people at work are weird


know what's not fun?  coughing

i wish spring would come faster

i miss the sun

snow sucks

even though we've only had like what...2 snow storms??  :-P

apparently el nino is gone and now la nina is coming which means we'll have more hurricanes.....the people in hurricane country will have more hurricanes...apparently the northeast will expierence a mild spring and summer

you know what i don't like?  when you're on hold and the hold music/recording says 'your continued patience is appreciated'   how the hell do they know i'm being patient?  how do they that i'm not like sitting there bidding my time before i EXPLODE

i guess sitting and waiting for like 10 minutes constitutes patience

do i get a prize for that?


it's cold

but it was very nice out today

it was nice to drive back from work (to the dojo) without a jacket on...jackets are a burden

you know what's tasty?  truffles

truffles are tasty

where'd ya go...i miss you so...

I thought this was pretty funny........

I know i know...i haven't update in like..months... i swear i'm still alive..

I've been so busy lately preparing my demo (which is this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for my black belt.... it's really come together, and is soooo much cooler with the music..... I can't wait to do it...well i can and i can't...i'm nervous cause i'm afraid something will get screwed up...someone won't show up...blah blah blah....i've got melissa, and brian definetly coming...frank didn't show up to the big practice i had on saturday...sooooooooooooooooooo...anyway...that's what happens when you rely on others...you take a risk...it'll either be awesome cause all these people helped you...or...you work with what you got and make it awesome anyway!

not all that much is going on...nothing of any interest anyway...

this is fun though:

taters0910 (5:53:24 PM): so you want to hear the stupidest thing?
MissIselle (5:53:46 PM): go
taters0910 (5:53:50 PM): someone STOLE my windshield wiper
MissIselle (5:54:22 PM): wtf!?
MissIselle (5:54:25 PM): hhhhhHhHh
taters0910 (5:54:20 PM): they STOLE it
MissIselle (5:54:37 PM): i forgot some a's in there....that's ridiculous
MissIselle (5:54:43 PM): only one
MissIselle (5:54:44 PM): ?
taters0910 (5:54:38 PM): and not only did they STEAL it but they put a different one on my car!!!!!!!!
MissIselle (5:55:04 PM): hahahahah well at least they were courteous
MissIselle (5:55:14 PM): they didn't want to leave you completely out of windshield wipers
taters0910 (5:55:10 PM): ya....not courteous enough to attach it all the way
taters0910 (5:55:32 PM): the problem is is that the fluid comes out of the blade...so it wouldn't come out with this FREAK OF NATURE windshield wiper on my window
taters0910 (5:55:45 PM): so guess who had to pull over and clean their window with salt covered frozen snow!!!!!
MissIselle (5:56:52 PM): omg thats outrageous
MissIselle (5:56:54 PM): what a morning
taters0910 (5:56:56 PM): ya...that was my thursday morning
taters0910 (5:57:02 PM):   i was ticked/highly amused
MissIselle (5:57:45 PM): cheerio my friend
taters0910 (5:58:11 PM): i was driving and driving, and to begin with, it fell off when pete was shoveling and he put it back on...so anyway...i'm driving and driving...and looking at it...and slowly inteligence dawns on me....HEY!! that is NOT my windshield wiper blade...it's HALF the freakin size of the other one (which is broken...the rubber dealie is flapping around)!!!!!
MissIselle (5:58:33 PM): hahahahaha oh boy oh boy

so that was just obnoxious...that was like the only thing on my mind on thursday...and it cracked me up/frustrated me all day....WHY??? why would you steal a windshield wiper...what is the point?


moving on

it seems my font has changed


that also happened to me today when i was sending a text message...

must be mystical font changing day



things are good...

didn't have work today (thanks washington.....you're the best!)

so i did some stuff...went to walmart and bought lots of htings....clothes for the monkeys namely...

speaking of monkeys

evy has this little stuffed monkey (the thing is literally 5 inches long) that he has fallen in love with (and the kids have had this monkey for quite some time), and he named it Mr. Nielson (after the monkey in Pippi Longstocking), and it's like his new best friend...and he's so funny with it...the monkey changes under evy's pillow (into pretend monkey clothes of course!) and eats under there too (monkey's like to drink lemonade, cherry limade juice, and bubbly water according to evy)...he's just so cute with it....and refuses to sleep without it...carries it with him all over the house...oh..and the monkey is blue...

anyway...........had lunch with pete...then went home and got stuff together and came here (dojo) to work on my demo...i worked on it for a good hour and a half....regardless of the fact that i'm still sore from the hours of practice on saturday...but...gotta get those blood, sweat and tears into that black belt!!!!!!!!! :-D  which i soo cannot wait to have *does giddy bouncing up and down dance*

btw...kels i'm gonna burn the video from the demo on a DVD for you and mail to you....that way it'l be nice and stuff and you won't have to watch it in crappy quality on YouTuber...plus i got this sweet nero program that allows you to add DVD menus and such...so cool...

doo doo dooooooo

i'm reading harry potter now...which is exciting....cause the new book AND the new movie are coming out in the summer..and that is just...wow...almost too much excitement for me to handle...and then add to that the simpsons movie? oh man oh man oh man....it's gonna be a summer full of happy dances!!


so i think that's all...i should probably move on and do some more productive things considering class starts in an hour